Key Areas of Research

  • Environmental economics
  • Climate change and energy
  • Environmental technologies

Current Research Activity

Restructuring the energy system

A number of challenging questions are emerging from energy and climate policy.


What do the energy and climate policy targets mean for Austria?

What restructuring strategies could be compatible with these targets?

What technologies could be stimulated?

How can a transition be incentivised?


The analysis of restructuring options needs to put energy services instead of energy flows as starting point. The most important energy services – mobility, buildings and production – can be provided with various technological options resulting in different energy flows and a different energy mix.


Indicator systems towards an operational measurement of sustainable energy systems and wellbeing

Climate change is a global key challenge. In order to reach the long-run emission reduction targets a fundamental transformation of our societies is inevitable. Such a transition also requires adequate measurement systems. Sets of indicators are considered an appropriate tool to account for the complexity of an extended perspective of welfare and development, i.e. for the interaction between economy, society and ecosystems.